About Us

Bellavance Beverage Co. strives to lead the beverage distribution industry by supplying our retailers a comprehensive portfolio of the highest quality beers and beverages supported by best-in-class product management, service, and marketing. We believe success is built on the principles of respect, honesty, and accountability, and we recognize the uniqueness and worth of each of our team members, brewery partners, and external customers.

Bellavance Values

Our Story
Our family business was born at 2-4 Canal Street in Nashua, NH in 1902. Prohibition began in 1920 and during this time, we moved to 21 High Street as we stayed afloat by selling soda and hand rolled cigars. With the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, we resumed our wholesale beer business only and relocated to 47 Elm Street. In 1935 we were incorporated as Bellavance Beverage Co. by Joseph Sr. and his brother Samuel J.

While on Elm Street, much of the beer arrived by rail car. The unloading yard, however, was located several blocks away and each rail car had to be unloaded onto a truck, driven to the warehouse, and then re-stacked in the warehouse. All of this was done by hand and took nearly two days for a full load. In 1954, Bellavance Beverage Co. acquired distribution rights for Anheuser-Busch products in the greater Nashua area and several years later, after many seasonal and part-time jobs with the Company, Joseph III and his brother Samuel P. joined the Bellavance Beverage Co. team full-time. In 1962, the business moved several blocks to a new warehouse on 31 Quincy Street; the site where rail cars used to be unloaded.

We then moved to One Bud Way, across from the Nashua airport in 1976, and business grew rapidly as southern NH became a destination for out-of-state shoppers. Joe IV and Sam J., the fourth generation of family, joined the business in the late 80’s, learning the business as their fathers had by working a variety of positions.

In 2004 we opted for a new location on Northwest Boulevard, and in 2016 we acquired a distributor out of Keene, NH, named Clarke Distributors. Due to our expanded coverage area and influx of new brands, we made the difficult decision to move out of Nashua for the first time to Hooksett, NH temporarily in 2017, while still working out of warehouses in both Nashua and Keene as well. With Hooksett being outside of our service area and still not large enough for us, we decided to build the warehouse of our dreams in Londonderry, NH.

Our new facility incorporates designs and technologies that will maximize energy and operational efficiencies and provide flexibility to meet future demands. Here, we are proud to house the largest rooftop solar array in the State of NH, powering both our operations and our community energy grid. We look forward to hosting you at the new Bellavance Beverage Co. and building relationships with our community and partners for years to come.

NH Craft Alliance
The NH Craft Alliance (NHCA) was formed in 2009 to enhance the craft capabilities of the State, and to provide a single-point-of-contact distribution network that services all of New Hampshire. Bellavance Beverage Co. and New Hampshire Distributors are the two distributor members that make up the Alliance.

NHCA represents the finest and most well-known craft beer brands in the State, and shares a uniform mission of bringing the best craft beer education, service, promotion and brand building to the NH marketplace. Anchored by operations and dedicated employees in key communities around the state, the Alliance provides grass-roots level access to markets that its competitors cannot. Their knowledge, commitment and service ability allows their craft brewer partners to make an immediate impact in the market as well as focus on long term sustainable growth.

We live and love NH! We live and love BEER!

Our new headquarters in Londonderry is home to the largest rooftop solar array in the State of NH! Covering 120,000 s.f. and consisting of over 3,000 panels, the clean power generated will offset 115% of our annual electricity usage. We are proud to have partnered with Brentwood, NH-based ReVision Energy to complete this milestone project in the Fall of 2020.

Our 1.15 megawatt solar system produces electricity that is either used in real time in our facilities, or fed back to the grid where it benefits our community and earns us a credit. In addition to offsetting our own carbon footprint, we’re helping out our neighbors and also contributing to a resilient, sustainable grid for the future.

Each year, our system will generate roughly 1,321.61 megawatt hours (Mwh) of electricity, offsetting the equivalent of over 2.3 million miles driven in a gas-powered car (That’s more than 330 times around the perimeter of the US!). This is the equivalent of 100+ homes’ total energy use for an entire year, and offsets the same amount of carbon sequestered every year by 1,220 acres of forest.

We also partner with Parallel Products for all of our beverage destruction and recycling needs. Parallel Products deploys the best available technology to ensure maximum recovery of all recyclable and reclaimable materials from our liquid, glass, aluminum and plastic waste, keeping unwanted beverage products out of our landfills and creating alternative fuel sources for the nation.

Bellavance Beverage Co. actively supports our local community through organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of NH, Nashua Police Athletic League, the Nashua Boys and Girls Club, Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, local Rotary clubs and many others.

Bellavance Beverage Co. has always made a proactive effort to deliver powerful responsibility and awareness messages to consumers across our territory. Along with Anheuser-Busch InBev, we are committed to being part of the solution to drunk driving, underage drinking, alcohol abuse and other alcohol related issues. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program implements a variety of platforms used to examine the important issues of personal responsibility, positive peer pressure, laws involving alcohol abuse, and most importantly, making the right decisions to avoid consequences behind making the wrong ones.

Another part of our responsibility efforts in the community includes keeping retailers educated on responsible sales and service. For more information about what Bellavance Beverage Co. can provide to retailers to aid in educating staff on responsible sales, contact us today!

Our Team

Joe Bellavance III
Joe Bellavance IV
TJ Ebol
General Manager
Troy Kolden
Kevin Ford
VP of Sales
April Johnson
HR Manager
Sean Jansen
NH Craft Manager
Ron Fournier
NH Non-Alc Manager
Dave Burke
Operations Manager
Mitch LeClaire
Warehouse Manager
Matt Malloy
Team Lead
Sunapee & Upper Valley
Mike Bertolami
Team Lead
Greater Keene Area
John Barbuti
Team Lead
Windham / Salem / Plaistow
Jim Ledoux
Team Lead
Derry / South Nashua / Pelham
Aaron Dennis
Team Lead
Londonderry / Bedford / Hillsborough
Mike Canavan
Team Lead
North Nashua / Milford / Peterborough