Bellavance New Products


‘Merican Mule®!

‘Merican Mule® was founded in 2015 by friends from New England, looking to chase the American Dream. With the resurgence in popularity of the Moscow Mule, ‘Merican Mule® delivers creative, bartender-quality cocktails made with true, premium spirits.

  • 7% alc/vol
  • all natural ingredients
  • premium distilled spirits
  • no malt or alcohol from fermented sugars
  • gluten free options (Moscow Style & Tropical Style)

Bellavance Beverage Co. will be carrying 4 styles:

Moscow Style: The Original Mule, made with four-times distilled, corn-based vodka, natural ginger and fresh squeezed lime. Gluten Free.

Tropical Style: The “Beach-bound” version of the Moscow Style Mule, made with premium rum, natural ginger, tropical notes and fresh squeezed pineapple. Gluten Free.

Mexican Style: The “Margarita-like” twist on the Moscow Style Mule, made with premium tequila, natural ginger, citrus and fresh squeezed lime.

Southern Style: NEW Signature Series, made with Bourbon, Orange & Cherry Juice, natural ginger and other natural flavors.

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